Last fall my coworker, Barbara, told me that she was on ChristianMingle and had met a great guy. I had tried multiple dating websites before, but each had their glaring “cons.” eHarmony was too rigid to just get to the point of talking to someone, Match was too much like shopping at a retail site, and my stint on was really just a joke to be able to laugh with my friends about. So when my coworker brought up your website, I was pleased to be able to browse profiles before I had to sign up. One day in October of 2012, I received a message that I was anxious to read, so I finally became a member.

Being 6 feet tall, it’s really hard to find men to date, and godly, tall men are even more of a rarity. A couple weeks into my subscription, my coworker and her man didn’t work out. I told her that I had found a man for her! In my search for a tall man, I’d combed the entire west coast, and this man seemed really great, but he was closer to her age. I wrote down his profile information her. Yet, on Halloween, something strange happened. I received a wink from him. Wait, wait, wait– he can’t be winking at me, he needed to meet my coworker! I wrote him a quick sentence asking about basketball, expecting to make a formal introduction to Barbara in my next correspondence. I didn’t hear back from him until one hour before my account was set to expire. He’d written me a very long message about how he was excited that I wrote him and what he liked about my profile. I felt bad to pawn him off, but I quickly wrote my email address so we could connect after my subscription was up. By the time I checked the next day, Brad had written me another long message about himself and his excitement about meeting me, and how much information he found when he googled me (yikes!). That still didn’t scare him off! I was delighted and intrigued.

Less than a week later, I told Barbara that she would have to rip up the information I gave her because I wanted to keep him for myself. Since then, we’ve had a delightful, fairy tale year; dating over email, phone, and traveling back and forth from Davis, California (my home) to Portland, Oregon (his home). I was over the moon when he asked me to be his wife on November 16, 2013, saying that I was the best recruit of his life! Our wedding will take place on May 4, 2014, in Sacramento. We’re more than grateful that you have provided an avenue for us to be able to meet. I finally, FINALLY found the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. We’re forever grateful!

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