“It’s unfair! It’s ridiculous!! Why is he/she doing this?!”

Words that all leaders have uttered, verbally…or at least silently…when unjust accusations are hurled our way. They seem ruthless, heartless and will stop at nothing. For the reality is you can’t lead without someone trying to paint you with a color that you may not deserve.

The reasons? Envy. Anger. A desire to put someone down so that they may be looked up to. Politics. Control. Desire to “climb the ladder” one way or another. And on, and on it goes. If you’re leading it will inevitably come your way. So what do you do?

*Realize life isn’t fair, so don’t expect it to be
*Understand you can’t control what other do, but you can
control how you respond
*Look for any truth in what is said that you can benefit
from in becoming the best you can be
*Strive to respond like Christ would and don’t be drug down
into the gutter of criticism and accusation
*Stay on the high road, regardless of how much you might
desire to “set things straight”
*Be sure that you can always look at yourself in the mirror
every morning and know that you have done everything
possible to reflect Christ in your actions and attitudes
*Stick to the facts…not your feelings

When someone “hurls a spear of accusation” at you, remember that when David found King Saul hurling the spear his way, he did not pull it out of the wall and hurl it back. And God honored, that, and he became a king. And if you would like some further understanding of why he didn’t hurl it back, pick up A TALE OF THREE KINGS, a great read that helped me through a tough time this year dealing with this very issue. You won’t be able to put it down…and you’ll be very glad you picked it up!

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