Karsten and I met on ChristianMingle in January of 2013.  I believe our first date, a lunch meeting, was on January 20th as we had e-mailed and talked on the phone prior to our date.  We were engaged on February 13, 2013, and married on August 23, 2013.  We had both been married previously and have children from these past relationships.  It is very difficult meeting people in our area that are similarly situated, as we live in more of a resort community, and there are mostly tourists and retired people that live here. Neither one of us are into the bar scene and even if we were, there are very few individuals around here at the same life stage, who share similar beliefs.  Had it not been for ChristianMingle, we never would have met as we work in different arenas and lived an hour apart. Not only are we the same age, but we are so much alike on almost every level. We support and encourage each other in every endeavor.  We both own and operate our own businesses, and we have finally found that other half that completes us!

Thank you so much for this blessed opportunity for happiness!

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