Before we met, Cal and I both felt like we wanted to add more to our lives, namely love.  I thought I needed to get proactive about waiting on God and so I threw caution to the wind and signed up online at ChristianMingle.  Cal didn’t feel any caution at all, rather he felt like God was pushing him, which is why he joined.

When we first connected, it took a bit of convincing on Cal’s part in order to get my phone number.  He had to assure me that he wasn’t a serial killer and that he would be happy to meet me in a public place during daylight and would provide DNA, if necessary.  I barely agreed. Meanwhile, I scrubbed the internet for anything relating to his name.  I am an excellent internet snoop and I soon found a Roy Orbison impersonator and a professor with Cal’s name for all of my snooping efforts.  

Have you ever heard the old adage that opposites attract?  Well with us, this was not the case because we were so similar. After dating, we soon found out that we were like two peas in a pod.  Our senses of humor, dispositions, and faith walks were very similar. Also, we both lose things constantly, which is super cool as it can be difficult to get annoyed at your mate for losing their car keys for the umpteenth time while you are in the middle of a frantic search for your wallet.

On our third date, I forced myself on Cal by kissing him. I actually turned his intended hug into a kiss by “accidentally” turning my face into his at the last possible second. Soon after, we fell in love. Both of our families are delighted. Life has already been quite exciting.  

I’m currently working a second job in the wedding planning field and Cal affectionately refers to me as “The General” because I’m overseeing all of our wedding plans. Cal is quite content to storm any beach, hill or bridal registry for me. We’re looking forward to our upcoming wedding and can’t wait to begin our lives together!

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