While juggling work, relationships and your family, you can sometimes lose yourself in the mix. When that happens, take yourself on a date to reconnect! Can’t find the time to be alone? The next time a friend cancels lunch plans, suck it up and plan a date with yourself instead of hanging alone in your sweatpants in front of the TV. All it takes is a quick change into a pair of jeans, a few spritzes of perfume and a sweet pair of pumps, and you can take yourself out for some serious “me time.” Here are five ways to rejuvenate and rediscover YOU!

Go Shopping
Take yourself window shopping. Even if you don’t buy anything, going to the mall or your favorite store can be relaxing if you go during off-peak hours. Sometimes when we’re with friends and family we rush through and don’t enjoy the environment. Strapped for cash? No worries. Many stores like Sephora give free samples of makeup, perfume and lotions. It’s the perfect pampering for “me time.”

Take a Coffee Break
Find a local coffee shop and enjoy your favorite book or magazine. Step off the treadmill of life, take a deep breath and find a cozy table to sip your tea or coffee.

Head Out on a Walk
Taking a walk does wonders for the mind and soul. Find a local park, take some music with you and pack a lunch. Enjoying nature gets the mind off your worries and can help you see a bigger a picture. It’s perfectly fine to slow down to appreciate the small things in life.

Pamper Yourself
Do something to make yourself feel pretty. This can include going in to a nail salon for a manicure, getting a facial, a free makeover at a department store or splurging on a pair of shoes.

Let’s Do Lunch
After all this “me time,” you must be famished. Take yourself to your favorite eatery and have a glass of wine with lunch. Feel weird about eating alone? You can take a journal to write in or read that book you’ve been fussing over because of time restraints.

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