When I was 12, we moved to a small north Florida town, from the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

Our house was only miles from the beach “as the crow flies”, like my dad used to say. I traded weekends at Smithsonian museums for weekends covered in ocean spray and sand.

Often, when the tide was low, the sand bar could be seen. It wasn’t far off shore, but far enough for someone like me.

I was not a risk-taker. Nope. Swimming to a sand bar? Not even something I’d consider. No matter how calm the water.

Until one day I did.

My friends were serious swimmers. And a few of them went first. And before I knew it, there I went.

Across the gulf that separated safety from sand bar.

I’ve heard that it’s difficult to judge distance on the water – that you think you’re closer than you truly are. That people have left safe but stranded boats in order to swim to shore, only to find out it’s a lot longer than what they ever thought.

That gulf was much further than it looked that day.

Deeper too.

I have no fear of deep water. My theory is that you swim in that stuff the same way you do the shallow stuff. No difference, except in your mind.

There is something, though, about the ocean, but because I was without any other options, I just kept swimming. No time to panic, or even think about it, just little by little, to swim.

When I finally stood on that sand bar, I couldn’t believe it. It was surreal. I was actually standing on the patch of sand I’d so often seen from the shore. Looking back at where I’d come from. By God’s grace, I’d made it.

That was my only visit to the sand bar. Shortly after that, I moved away to college, and every time I returned to visit, the elements were never good for venturing out again.

I found myself praying this morning, “God please cover that gulf, between where my talents are, and where You want me to go.” (Click here to tweet) I am standing on the shore, looking out at that sandbar. It seems so far.

I don’t doubt the calling, but the thought of getting in the water. Oh! So many unknowns. So I remind myself of what I know for sure, God can cover that span. He fills in where I lack. I can spend time worrying or I can give it to Him and get busy heading to where I know He wants me.

Maybe that’s on the sand bar. Maybe that’s even in water above my head. Or maybe it’s further out than I can even picture. Further than I can imagine.

Have you been called into water above your head? Maybe you are right now? How can I pray for you?

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