The Love Story of Cinderella and Prince Charming

Once upon a time, as the story goes, Susie (A.K.A. Cinderella), who lives in the realm know as Florida, joined an internet site known as ChristianMingle.  Prior to joining, she asked the Lord to direct her path, and if it was His will to meet her Prince Charming, she would willingly follow His leading.  Unbeknown to her, in the distant land of South Carolina, a man by the name of Dan (A.K.A. Prince Charming) was also seeking God’s will for his life, and like Cinderella was led to join ChristianMingle.

The date of the grand ball was only one week away (Cinderella’s subscription to ChristianMingle would end), and the prospect of meeting Prince Charming seemed bleak.  Week after week she had been reviewing the profiles of eligible bachelors, and courted by many a gallant man, to no avail.  When suddenly, with only one week remaining, a notice of a “match” with a man from a distant land caught her eye.  ChristianMingle’s matchmakers felt that this particular Prince was a 100% match with the “wish her heart made” for the “Prince Charming”, of her dreams.

Upon reading the profile, she was utterly and unequivocally surprised.  He did in-deed appear to be the perfect match.  At least from what she could see from the initial description.  Cinderella decided that even though she was about to leave the realm of ChristianMingle, she should at least say hello, and sent a brief message to Prince Charming on October 17, 2014.

Prince Charming, being new to ChristianMingle, was intrigued by this message from Cinderella.  He quickly reviewed her profile and based on what he saw felt that this lady could be the answer to his prayers.  Being curious and anxious to respond to God’s leading, he responded to her contact, and said that he was captivated by what he saw and thought that indicated that he would like to communicate further.  Without knowing that time was of the essence, he was led to give Cinderella access to his COMPASS results on the initial contact and requested that she do the same so that they could confirm their first impressions.

During the next few days they communicated frequently as they reviewed the results of the in-depth profile results. They both felt an inner peace and knew that the Lord had directed this connection.  In faith believing that this relationship could be an answer to prayer, Cinderella decided to end her search and advised Prince Charming that she could be reached on her personal e-mail.  Prince Charming suggested a brief meeting at a place of Cinderella’s choice for a coffee the next time he was in the Land of Florida.  On 10/29/14 they finally met at a Panera’s restaurant for what was planned to be a half hour initial meeting over coffee.  The connection was instant, and natural.  It was if they had known each other forever.  The conversation flowed freely for hours.  Finally, they agreed to go to lunch, which also lasted for hours.  They knew that they had to meet again.  Unfortunately, Prince Charming had princely duties to perform and needed to travel away from Cinderella for a while, but they communicated often and regularly.  All the while praying for God’s direction.

While starting as a friendship between two people with a lot in common, it quickly became evident to Cinderella and Prince charming that their relationship was something very special.  However, neither one expressed the depth of their feelings for the other because, even they found it hard to believe how emotionally attached they had become, in such a short time.  As a matter of fact, they forbade their messenger, named Hall Mark, from using the word Love on any of their messages, rather preferring to use the word “Like”.

After the Christmas Holidays, Cinderella and Prince Charming began spending increasing amount of time with each other as well as texting and calling as often as they could. Their dates were mainly Christian concerts, church services and dining and dancing.  It was after church one Saturday evening that they went to a restaurant, named “The Vine” which quickly became their favorite spot.

While on a casual day trip, on a cold January afternoon, Prince charming saw a Jewelry store and asked Cinderella what type of engagement ring she liked.  When he asked her if she saw one she liked in the display case, she said yes but wanted to know which he liked.  Not wanting to influence each they agreed to point at the count of three, and yes, they picked the same ring.  And yes, it was purchased.  That day was the first day they both said “I Love You”.  Soon after, Prince Charming asked Cinderella’s family if he could have their blessing to marry Cinderella, which they gave.

On Valentine’s Day, 2015, Prince Charming asked Cinderella to join him at their favorite restaurant after church.  He had previously arranged to have; flowers, champagne, pictures, and dance music when they arrived.  After the main course, Prince Charming signaled the staff, and they presented the flowers, poured the champagne, and took pictures as Prince Charming knelt by Cinderella side and proposed to the cheers of all in the packed restaurant.  They danced the night away.

Cinderella and Prince Charming will be married on August 1, 2015, in Tampa Florida.  They will have a formal church wedding with over 150 guests consisting of family, friends, neighbors and fellow parishioners.

They wanted to share their story as an encouragement to others who are seeking God’s best for a mate.  Susie & Dan put God first.  The relationship was, is and will always be a precious gift from God.  They have committed to keep the Lord as the center of their marriage.  For both of them, this marriage represents the total restoration of all that which was taken in their past, plus more good than they ever imagined. 

To God Be The Glory.

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