Ted sent me a “smile” on February 2, 2012. Our first telephone conversation was a few days later and lasted nearly 3 hours! We talked every evening for the next four days, discovering that we had so much in common – our hobbies, our beliefs, our pasts and our goals in life. Our first date was on February 10th, and since we lived 100 miles apart, we met halfway. It was a snowy, miserable night, but I couldn’t imagine postponing. The evening was perfect. Neither one of us wanted to say goodbye. We met again two days later and decided at that time to cancel our ChristianMingle accounts. We knew that we were going to focus on each other with no outside distractions.

Since we live 100 miles apart, we were seeing each other only on weekends. I remember Ted remarking that he could never have imagined being in a relationship with anyone who lived so far away. But, every step of the way, the obstacles that we expected just seemed to melt away. It was evident that God had plans for us to be together.

On June 3rd, Ted proposed while we were vacationing at the Outer Banks. We were sitting on a sand dune, the sunset on one side, the ocean on the other side, with wild horses roaming the dunes. It was absolutely perfect.

We were married on September 21, 2012 – just seven months after meeting. We are still working 100 miles apart, but have no doubt God will provide an opportunity soon that will allow us to be together full-time. We have learned to trust His timing and His plans for our future.

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