Susan and I met on ChristianMingle. I had been on the site for more than a year before Susan “smiled” at me. At the time, she had just joined ChristianMingle and was getting back into the dating scene.  We only lived an hour and a half apart, so the travel time wasn’t too bad. In an ironic twist, her parents actually lived in my area. Susan and I also had something unique in common.  Both her parents, and my mom and stepdad, met online.  God has used the computer to help us all find true love.

We met in September of 2012 and began IM’ing a lot. Both of us were impressed by the other person’s profile as it was very clear that we were devoted Christians and dedicated parents to our children.  In December 2012, I proposed, and she accepted. On May 18, 2013, we were married by my former pastor at my hometown church. Due to the fact I was relocating to her “neck of the woods,” we had agreed to have the wedding and honeymoon near my “stomping grounds.”  The wedding was beautiful.  We included a sand ceremony to help create a physical representation of our families blending together. 

A few months after the wedding, I was able to secure a job in her area.  The job started around the same time our children started school. Along with my own two girls, I am blessed with a step-daughter.  The three girls have adjusted beautifully to our new family arrangement. 

We’ve been married now for a little more than six months, and still make sure to have time together by planning date nights. We like to do simple things such as going out for dinner, seeing some good movies, and having massages.

In addition to our family, we have our church, and have even joined a bible study.

The church has helped to keep us focused on our lives as husband/wife, father/mother, and has played an important role in helping us to try and stay Christ-centered in a fallen world.

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