His Story:
In Dec. of 2008 I met my lovely wife through ChristianMingle. God has blessed us with a wonderful love for each other, but first for God. Again, thanks so very much. Happiness forever seems impossible before we met, but now we will live our life and love each and every day with thanks to our God.

Her Story:
To my Christian Mingle family….It’s never to late…..In a million years I could never have dreamed of life being so wonderful…My husband’s user name was Fayne and my username was Quzie. When I first joined Christian Mingle I thought just maybe there might be someone out there for me, but after I had talked to several people I came to the collusion that all I really wanted or needed was friends, true friends…and I enjoyed the message board so much, for on there you can meet many friends and that’s what they are is friends…But one day I saw Fayne and thought hummmm! NICE…I emailed him and for a short time there was no reply, and that was o.k. for I was only looking for friends. Much to my surprise, one day I had a card from him. Pitter patter went our hearts. We corresponded and talked on the phone for a time. Our first personal meeting was at his church and from there we saw each other often and now we know our God loved us enough to bring us together for the time we have left on this earth. We both love and praise God for the empty hole he filled in both of our lives. The unity God has instilled between us is awesome. We are so thankful and grateful…and again thank you Christian Mingle!

Gene & Sue
Fayne & Quzie

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