Surprise your dad with something thoughtful and personal this year by giving him a handmade gift! Giving your father something that you made from the heart is not only a great way to show him how much you care, but also to prove that you value modesty, humility, and the special meaning of “honor thy father.” A handmade gift is easy to make, and easy to love! From customized cuisine to personalized picture coasters, we’ve got five gift ideas that will pull on any dad’s heartstrings for years to come.

1. Customized Cuisine

Turn Dad’s favorite foods into a customized work of art! Simply use crayons, markers, construction paper, glitter and glue to create your very own label for your father’s favorite foods.

Say your dad loves almonds, just cut a piece of paper to match the size of the can or the bag and then design a new label that is specific to your dad. You could say something like, “Awesome Almonds for a Fantastic Father.” Then attach the new label to the food and you have a whole new (and personalized) take on your dad’s favorite treat.

2. Personalized Pocket Squares

You dad is sure to give his stamp of approval when he sees that you’ve stamped his initials on the gift you give him! From a pocket square to a tie, there are many ways to make your dad feel special by adding his initials to an accessory.

Start by printing your father’s first initial in a large-sized font using your computer. Have fun with this part and choose a font that really fits your old man’s personality! Then, make a stencil of his initials using a craft knife. Trace the letter onto the tie with a disappearing-ink pen, and embroider the initial using a chain-stitch with a strand of embroidery floss.

3. Save The Page

Surprise Dad with a gift that’s both fun and functional! How about a book mark with a picture of the two of you! This one is simple for kids at any age! Simply cut some construction paper in a long rectangular shape and glue a picture of the two of you at the top. Add a piece of string to the top as well so you father can always find his page when he wants to look up his favorite Bible verse, or get back to the last page he was reading in his latest novel! Add glitter or more pictures to make it even more personal!

4. A Bible Binder

Create your very own book of prayers that you and your father can share together night after night! Simply dig up an old binder from last year’s school project and create a cover with construction paper and markers, or photos of you and your dad! Next, give it a fun title like, “Dad & David’s Favorite Prayers.”

After that, find your favorite prayers and Bible verses and write each one down on its own separate page. Be sure to make each one different from the other and add lots of bright colors, fun designs and cute pictures of you and your dad, or you and your whole family!

5. Dynamic Drink Coasters

Match your decor with coasters that feature your very own family! First, find some ceramic tiles at a hardware store. This is typically an inexpensive cost and will likely average $1 a piece. Next, take your favorite pictures of you and your dad and trim them so they match the exact shape of your ceramic tiles. Apply Mod Podge® to the back of the photo with a sponge applicator, and then press it down onto the tile. Allow to dry completely.

Once dry, apply a layer of Mod Podge with a sponge applicator to the top of the photo. Use even left-to-right strokes as Mod Podge lines will always show! Then, allow your work to dry completely. Repeat with two more layers of Mod Podge, allowing each layer to dry completely before applying the next.

Once the coasters have had three layers of Mod Podge applied (and have dried completely), take them outside and spray them with Acrylic Sealer! Just like with the Mod Podge, you will want to spray on several coats, but should wait until a coat has dried completely before spraying the next. Finally, apply a piece of felt cloth to the bottom with a hot glue gun or other adhesive and enjoy!

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