How did you meet? What was your first date like? Give us all the details!
Stephanie: I was scrolling through ChristianMingle one night after recovering from a surgery I had undergone. Then, I came across this picture of the most handsome man holding his adorable dog. I sent him a message to compliment his dog, not knowing that my life was about to change for the better! Months went by, and we got to really get to know each other. After countless phone calls and FaceTime dates, it was time for us to meet in person. Living in Pittsburgh at the time, he decided to fly down to Texas to meet me. When he came down to meet me, I was just absolutely blown away by how he was truly everything I have ever prayed for … and so much more! The first night he spent in my hometown, he took me to Texas Roadhouse where I just fell harder and harder for him. By the end of the night, he did something that truly spoke volumes: he gave me his military tags from when he was in the Marines. I knew he was the one!

Shane: I signed into ChristianMingle one day when the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen sent me a message complimenting my dog. I’m such a dog lover and I thought it was so awesome Steph was too and that she also had a dog that she absolutely adored. I soon found out that my whole world was about to get turned right side up after that first message. We got to get to know each other more through Facebook, phone calls and Facetime dates. Since she lived in Laredo, Texas and I lived in Pittsburgh, I decided to fly down and finally meet this woman who was beyond everything I ever prayed for. I finally got to see the hometown of the woman I had so deeply fallen in love with. Seeing her in person for the first time is definitely a memory I will never forget … she was beyond the most beautiful woman God ever put on this earth. We went to Texas Roadhouse, where we ordered the same thing from the menu and I had the best date of my life. After we were done eating, I was finally able to give her my dog tags I had worn for the three and half years I was overseas when I was still in the Marine Corps, and finally, we were able to confess that we loved each other. I knew then for sure she was the one that God has chosen for me.

Describe the moment you knew it was true love!
Stephanie: God truly sent me so many signs throughout our relationship, one of them being absolutely amazing! I had made Shane a painting for Christmas last year of the map of the United States. I then calculated how many miles separated our homes. After looking it up on Google maps, I found out that it was 1,737 miles. I then wrote that number down at the bottom of the canvas, packaged it up and sent it to Pittsburgh. On Christmas day, he called me and asked me about that number. He then let me in on something that immediately brought me to tears. He then started to explain to me that his job in the Marines while being in Afghanistan was to search for IEDs. He said, “God saw me safely through exactly 1,737 miles while searching for bombs in Afghanistan … and now I know He intends for me to move 1 ,737 miles to be with you.” He explained that he had that number on paper and sent me a picture of it. I was blown away! A few months later, he picked up his belongings and moved into an apartment 15 minutes away from my house. A few more months after his move down to my hometown, he proposed to me at our church. I could not have said yes fast enough! Our wedding date is set for 07/03/17 … we wanted to involve the numbers 1737 for our special day!

Shane: God has been so present in our lives and has given signs all throughout our relationship. One sign in particular was when she had painted me a map of the United States with a route mapped out with the number 1,737 miles painted on it. At that moment I was blown away by how this could only be through the grace of God. I remember this number from an award I received for leading my platoon safely through 1,737 miles on patrols in Afghanistan, and how fortunate I was to come home in one piece. I then traveled those 1,737 miles when I drove down from Pittsburgh to live in Laredo to be closer to her. After I proposed at our church (which all the pastors were in on making so awesome), we decided on a wedding date that reflected those numbers. I knew it was true love when I knew that God had specifically sent the most amazing woman I have ever known just for me!

What advice would you give other ChristianMingle members?
Stephanie: My advice would be to talk to God about what it is you are hoping to find in a partner. And do not hold back! God has amazed me in the way that He has used ChristianMingle to introduce me the very one He hand-picked for me! Just talk to God about what you want and then do not be afraid to follow where He leads!

Shane: I had never tried online dating before, and I was pretty skeptical. I knew that what I wanted more than anything in a woman was her having a heart and relationship for God. I gave ChristianMingle a shot and God surpassed my expectations. He used ChristianMingle to lead me to the love of my life. My advice is to give it a shot, and just have faith that God will lead in the right direction.

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