My name is Stephanie and my new husband’s name is Robert. We just celebrated one month of marriage!

Our story began on November 25, 2012, when that first smile was sent on ChristianMingle. I was very hesitant to sign up, but I felt like I had God’s blessing to do so. I was encouraged to try online dating by several people. Of course, most of them knew someone who had success with online dating, so I thought maybe I would too. I had seen many commercials for ChristianMingle on TV, weeks before signing up. I had been praying for my future husband for many years, not just that I would meet him at the right time, but praying over him in general for good health, his growing relationship with God, that he was making good decisions, and was overall happy! The night before I decided to sign up, I felt like God was saying, “Here is your answer!”  I signed up after church on a Sunday afternoon. That evening, Robert sent me a smile. The next few days we emailed back and forth and decided that following Friday, November 30th, we would meet at a local coffee shop after work. We ended up talking for so long that the place was closing, and we didn’t even realize it. We found out that we both lived in the same apartment complex, a few buildings away. As he said good night, he asked if it was okay to get my phone number. The next day, he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner and that was it! We spent all our spare time together, became best friends, and fell in love.

On September 13, 2013, Robert took me on a nice date and to get coffee afterwards. We hadn’t been back to the coffee shop where we first met, so he decided to take me there. As we walked up to the door, I saw the table where we sat on our first date. On it sat a huge, beautiful bouquet of red roses and star gazer lilies, balloons, two coffee cups and a picture of the two of us. I was blown away and so surprised. I turned around to look at Robert and he was down on his knee. He held my hand and with a huge smile on his face and tears in his eyes, he asked me to marry him! He had our good friend hide and take pictures of the whole thing, and my family was watching from around the corner. I, of course, said yes, and that I would be honored to be his wife. I knew at that moment that Robert was the ONE that God created for me.

We decided on a very short engagement because we wanted to get married on our 1 year anniversary, November 30th. I have never felt peace the way I did during our ceremony. My sister is such a blessing to us because she planned our wedding, so I could enjoy every moment leading up to our wedding day and wouldn’t stress out. Our ceremony was my favorite because we included traditions from his Hispanic background. We decided to have a Unity Cross, instead of a candle because the meaning of the cross was so beautiful, representing why God created man and woman. Our ceremony was so special to us because it was a perfect representation of both of us, and our families.

We pray over our relationship every morning and night, and have done so even before getting engaged. We realize that God brought us together and HE has been so important to us throughout our lives. It is very important to us to keep HIM in the center of our lives and to bring our future children up knowing HIM.

We are so thankful for ChristianMingle!

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