If people are honest about what first attracted them to someone online, 98% would say “looks.” So yes, if you asked both of us what initially attracted us to one another, simply stated it was a strong physical attraction. Mind you, this is just the beginning of the story.

I initially sent Nick a “smile,” and later received a response from him. We started chatting on Thanksgiving Day of 2013. We both quickly realized that there was much more to one another than just the physical attraction. We live more than one hundred miles apart, but Nick said he would like to come and take me to dinner. We met the following Thursday. It was raining, so I found him in the parking lot (not hard to do as he is 6’5”) and he jumped into my car so I could park and we could walk into dinner together. We had never spoken on the phone, mind you, only text messages; so when he first spoke, my jaw dropped! “You shore are purdy” (typed in my best attempt at a southern accent) escaped his mouth and I responded wittily with, “You sure are country.” Needless to say, the ice was broken. I think he was a bit surprised when my 6’2″ frame stepped out of the car (that’s with heels) and linked my arm in his and proceeded to walk into dinner at The Melting Pot.

I must say, dinner was great, but the conversation was even better. Towards the end of our meal, Nick told me, “Although you’re beautiful, your personality and sense of humor far outshine your beauty.” I thought that was awesome! After dinner, he proclaimed that he was not ready for our date to end, so we went to the movie theatre and watched, “Hunger Games, Girl on Fire.” When our night ended, we headed back to our vehicles and he said he would like to see me again the next night. My mother hosted a Southern Gospel Christmas concert annually. So yes, you guessed it right; if Nick wanted to see me, he not only had to drive almost 100 miles, but also had to attend a concert at church, and here’s the kicker, meet my Mom and Dad! He didn’t hesitate!

As New Year’s Eve approached, we threw around the idea of going to see the ball drop in New York City. I decided to call him the day before and see if he was really up for it. He was, so we went! It was a whirl wind trip. We arrived on New Year’s Eve, watched the ball drop and saw fireworks in Central Park, and flew back the following day.

It’s now June of 2014. Not one single weekend has gone by without Nick driving down to see me. I have grown to love this gentle giant; this strong man with such a soft heart, who holds my hand in church every Sunday and whom I can’t imagine living my life without. And, on June 20, 2014, Nick proposed and made me the happiest woman on the face of the Earth!

You see, what started with simple “physical attraction” has blossomed into one of the most heart-felt, beautiful, loving relationships that shines through to everyone who comes across our path. We are two souls that were in every sense of the phrase “made to be together.” We balance out one another; with his calm, quiet nature and my outgoing, vivacious personality. We share many of the same interests, but we have such different, yet complimentary personalities.

At this point, we have not set a date for our wedding. Nick is currently trying to relocate, and as we all know, the job market is tough. We both know that through hard work and determination, God will lead him to a new career here. I thank God every night for this wonderful man, who will soon be my husband. Thank you, Christian Mingle for opening up the door for us to find one another!

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