We both joined ChristianMingle in August 2011 because we were looking to find the perfect match and to alleviate loneliness. Mark was the one who continued to send “smiles,” after I had responded to one of his original “smiles.” Our communication escalated from there to an online friendship via IM and emails and then it progressed into exchanging phone numbers to call and text one another.

We were both busy with our jobs but arranged to meet at a local diner on October 6th. Because of a communication mishap, I missed our first date! Mark waited an hour and forty-five minutes for me to show up and then he left and went home. Meanwhile, I was at a friend’s house welcoming her back from cancer treatment and I had texted Mark that I would be meeting him later than planned. He never received the text! I called Mark when I left my girlfriend’s house, but he was already home with his son making dinner.

Luckily, we scheduled another meeting for October 13th at a Japanese restaurant. Mark arrived home from work at 6:30 and his 14-year old son helped him get ready so he would be on time for our date. I was waiting in the parking lot when he arrived, anxious to shake his hand from all the wonderful texts and conversations we had prior to the meeting.

When he came around the truck, I extended my hand and he had open arms. I was hesitant, but did hug him, and at that moment we both knew we were meant for each other. In the restaurant, we were seated at a table for 8 people. He was to the right of me but I wanted to hold his hand the whole time. After dinner, I met his son, and went with Mark for a walk around the complex. It was a wonderful night!

We were engaged on December 15, 2011, and married on February 17, 2012. Mark says that I am the most beautiful woman on this earth and no one else could fill my shoes. He makes me feel so special and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

Thanks to ChristianMingle we found the mate of our dreams! We both had given up on being happy, but thanks to ChristianMingle we had our happy ending after all!

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