I joined ChristianMingle in April 2013. I communicated with a few people, but remained skeptical about online dating, so I decided to take a break from it. In the beginning of 2014, I decided to reactivate my profile, and on February 1st I received a “smile” from Billy. There was something about his profile that caught my attention. So, I replied with a “smile” and we started to chat online. Our online communications eventually turned into phone calls, which lasted for hours.

We lived three hours apart, but after two weeks of talking we decided we had to meet. Billy sent me a large bouquet of flowers with a “smiley face” balloon before we met because that symbolized the “smile” that started it all. We met halfway between our homes, and knew the moment we saw each other that we were in love.

We now see each other every weekend, which is more than we expected to be able to do.  We are even planning on getting smiley face tattoos! We got engaged on June 8, 2014, and are so excited about the future! We each have three children, and are looking forward to becoming one big family. We were both very skeptical about online dating, but were so busy with our kids that dating and the bar scene were not for us. Our families are completely supportive of our relationship and can’t wait to see us live happily ever after!

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