Healthy relationships require us to be vulnerable and share ourselves completely. Because we are not merely physical and emotional beings but also spiritual beings, we must share our spiritual side, too, if we truly want to become close with someone.

In fact, for a relationship to be healthy and successful, spiritual availability is just as necessary as physical and emotional availability. As such, it is important to incorporate spirituality into relationships, and there are at least three fairly simple ways to do so.

1. Feed Each Other Soul Food

One very easy way to incorporate spirituality into your relationship is to share your soul food with each other. Feeding your partner’s soul will not only share your spiritual self. It will also potentially expand and evolve theirs.

The key is to share items or activities with each other that are good for the soul or which encourage spiritual growth. Sharing spiritual activities like yoga, meditation and prayer allows you and your partner to incorporate spirituality while adding enjoyable and beneficial activities to your list of things to do together. And, of course, exchanging spiritual books that had a life-changing and/or spiritually-evolving impact gives you further opportunities to share yourselves while stimulating each other intellectually.

2. Relation Meditation

Speaking of meditation, there is also the option of practicing what I like to call “relation meditation.”

Relation meditation is the practice of couple’s meditation which (of course) involves you and your partner and a more intimate setting than the local yoga studio. In couple’s meditation, you are seated comfortably or lying down in very close physical proximity to each other.

Before beginning your meditation, hold hands and be sure your bodies are also physically touching – i.e., while in sitting position, your knees should be touching. Not only does this provide a level of emotional and physical intimacy. It is also a way to be spiritually intimate and connect with each other and God at the same time.

3. Practice Spiritual Gift-Giving

When it comes to staying connected to God, nothing is more important than awakening and strengthening our spiritual gifts. As such, practicing the art of spiritual gift-giving is a wonderful way to incorporate spirituality into your relationship.

The practice of spiritual gift-giving is simply the act of encouraging the awakening and strengthening of spiritual gifts that connect us to and offer direct guidance from God. We can encourage the awakening and strengthening of these gifts in our partners by simply suggesting they trust what they feel, hear, sense and see, rather than dismissing these God-given abilities.

When we share our gifts from and efforts to connect with God, we become spiritually available in our relationships. By welcoming this type of sharing from our partners while supporting and encouraging their spiritual growth, we assist in the evolution of their souls and our own. Offering both is likely the very literal definition of a soulmate.

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