I am constantly hearing how it’s not good for us to go through life alone. That we were made for community and we need to rely on each other. And I agree with that.

But what about the times in life where you just feel all alone? Others try to support, understand or care – but they can’t quite completely be there for you due to one reason or another.

What about those times? The times when you’ve tried to find community, but it wasn’t there for you? Or the times you looked for help, but it wasn’t given?

You felt as if you were in that “thing” all on your own.

I think sometimes, God calls us to go through certain things alone. He is a personal God and some lessons we can only learn in a personal way – between Him and ourselves. No matter how much we try to reach out to others or how much they try to reach out to us, it’s as if in those times there is an invisible wall blocking us from each other.

We don’t quite connect at the right time or in the right way.

We can’t build a relationship with God through others. We can’t get to heaven through others. So it would make sense that some challenges, lessons and struggles in our lives would leave out others as well. Sometimes we just have to power through and ask God daily for new strength, new wisdom and new joy.

These times can be harder on a person because it IS harder to go through things without the love, support and encouragement of others. But for whatever reasons, I think sometimes God deems it necessary.

Maybe we need to be stripped of everything so that we look and lean completely and only on Him. Maybe we need to listen to our own heart instead of others. There could be many reasons that God allows us to “lone ranger” it when we are seeking community.

This I know. It won’t last forever. Your well may feel dry on so many days but He will provide just enough drops of water for your soul to help you get through another day. And soon, you will find that you have a puddle of water, then it’s half full and one day – your well will again be full and brimming and sparkling clean with fresh water for your heart, soul and life. You will once again see clearly, breathe deeply and feel contentment. AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW HIM.

We do need each other. We should reach out to one another. But sometimes, we ARE called to go it alone and learn personal lessons from God that are meant only for our eyes, ears and heart.

If this is you right now, hang in there. His strength and His timing are always perfect and He knows when to send you that nourishment you need. 

But in the meantime, seek out His heart. Lean your face to His and ask the hard questions.

Shed the tears and cry out for more.

He won’t abandon you. And one day, He will reveal His plan – His reasoning for it all. Just trust in His heart.


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