Some situations are just lose-lose. You will lose if you act or behave in a manner of your own feeling and choosing, and you will lose if you don’t. For if you don’t, you can often feel robbed or stolen from.

You can feel like you didn’t have the freedom to make the choice you wanted to, and so in the process, you lose out on something.

Or someone.

There isn’t always a “pro” to every choice and situation. Sometimes there is just a lesser evil. 

It can be frustrating, I won’t lie. It can hurt. Not having the freedom to be who you want to be is gripping. If you are truly who you want to be, a relationship could be lost in the process or there could be a huge fall-out that lasts for a long time and causes unending stress.

There aren’t always easy answers.

There are just times, where you have to understand that you will lose that certain battle round. Not every battle in life will be won. This isn’t a movie, or a television show where you can always write out a happy ending or tweak how someone else will respond to you. It’s real life. People DON’T understand and they DON’T agree. They can be unreasonable and irrational. Selfish even.

It happens.

It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s never welcomed or embraced. But it happens.

When you find yourself in a lose-lose situation, there is only one thing you can do. Take the option that has the most lasting benefits for you and the least amount of stress on your life. By the most lasting benefits – I mean, take the way that will help you grow and flourish the most. If that’s risking a relationship because you feel strong enough to speak up or make an action in some way – then that needs to be your answer. But you need to realize nothing may ever be the same and you may lose people dear to you. If that’s letting things lie even though you wish they were different, then let them lie.

Lay it all at God’s feet and let Him filter out the details. The only thing we can do in times like these where we feel we will lose if we do either choice A) or B) is to make sure our heart is right with God and that we are walking in obedience to Him with whatever we do or don’t do. Everything else will have to be sifted out by Him in His timing. 

Life is filled with voids, holes and unmet dreams and expectations. It’s reality. A reality that no one really likes to talk about but most of us are walking around living with inside of us.

False hopes and “well-wishers” won’t change unchangeable hearts. Only God can do that.

Feel the loss for what it is and use it to make you stronger. More loveable and understanding.

Whatever it is that you feel is a lose-lose situation in your life, I’m so sorry. I pray God will fill that hole with His love and His strength and one day you will feel peace despite what you felt you lost. For it’s possible.

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