While many women have undoubtedly heard the phrase, “You can tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother,” it can be difficult to really see how the mother and son relationship can correlate to a dating situation. While it’s obvious to call it quits with a boyfriend who is physically or verbally abusive toward his mother, real life situations aren’t always so black and white. However, there are some signs that can help to distinguish whether or not this is a relationship worth keeping.
1.  He Diminishes Her Role 
If your boyfriend seems to think his mother is inferior to others, whether it’s simply due to her gender or the fact that she was a stay-at-home mother, this shows that he diminishes the roles many women play. It’s important to know that your man respects the women in his life and what they sacrifice to provide for their families.  
2.  He Does Not Extend Common Courtesies
If your boyfriend doesn’t extend certain etiquette to his mom, like opening doors and pulling out chairs, he may not feel his mom (or women in general) is worthy of these common courtesies. For a boyfriend to refrain from this type of behavior from his own mother shows that there is little chance he will perform it for other women as well.
3.  He Does Not Give Thanks
Sometimes it’s words of thanks that can really show appreciation toward another person. If your boyfriend seems lacking in these words of thanks to his mother, it shows that he does not feel it necessary to verbally show appreciation.
4.  His Expectations are out of Line
Although it can be easy to get used to a particular routine or action, expectation from another person can be quite demeaning. For instance, if your boyfriend expects his mother to clean up after him or provide him with things, this can show that he views his mother’s actions as less than an act of kindness and more of an expected obligation to him.
5.  He is Forgetful
If your boyfriend often forgets about his mother, it shows that he doesn’t hold much importance in that relationship. A good son and potential partner will call his mom on her birthday, or pick up items she asked for when visiting. Someone who is always forgetting about his mother’s needs shows he is more concerned with his own.
6.  He is Unwilling to Help
Whether he helps carry in groceries or shovels her driveway every time it snows, being helpful without being asked shows that your boyfriend is helpful and kind. If these simple acts of kindness are too much to ask for, even for the woman that has given him life, he may not be the one for you.
7.  He Puts Other Things above Her
Oftentimes; there are things that can arise that conflict with other obligations, whether it’s a night out with the guys or just an important sporting event on television. However, when a boyfriend shows that he is willing to put these things above his mother, it shows that he holds other activities of more importance. No sports game should be more important than mom!
8.  He Defies His Mother
While we all experience teenage rebellion, there is a definite line when it comes to defying a parent. If a boyfriend openly defies his mother, it shows that he does not care about the consequences that can come from disobedience and it shows blatant disrespect.
9.  He is Verbally Abusive
Oftentimes, verbal abuse isn’t regarded with as much emphasis as physical abuse, but it can inflict just as much pain on the person being talked down to. If your boyfriend verbally abuses his mother, it shows that he has the capability to inflict this type of pain.
10.  He Openly Disrespects Others
There are a number of ways to openly disrespect someone without verbally or physically abusing another person. If your boyfriend openly mocks or tries to humiliate his mother, it shows that he revels in showing his disrespect to others and in public.
A mother is the first female representation to a man and is often a gauge in how he responds to women in his adulthood. When a boyfriend shows signs of mistreating his mother, it should be an eye-opening red flag that can give clear indication that the relationship should be over.
He that wasteth his father, and chaseth away his mother, is a son that causeth shame, and bringeth reproach. Proverbs 19:26

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