If we’re not Christian robots, most of us will rail against the hard wall of doubt. Why believe when bad things happen to us?

Leanne Penny, a fresh and sassy voice in the Christian community, gives us a glimpse of this truth. “Growing up, I thought I knew what to expect from life. I thought I knew who God was and what it meant that He had a plan for my life. In my twenties, I lost both my parents to traumatic deaths and my younger sister was involved in a car accident that left her with brain damage. Our family fell apart, I was orphaned, broken and angry.”

It led her to asking the very real questions: “Who was God? Did He even love me? How could He allow so much to happen to one person, to one family? How could I trust Him with my future? How could I stand with the rest of my church friends and declare Mim ‘good all the time?'”

Featured in our upcoming ‘I’m a Believer’ campaign early June, Penny will dive deeper into her story of pain and misery. She will share with transparent honesty how God redeemed her and why she still believes.

You might recall our last campaign which featured such voices as Allison Herrin, Jarrid Wilson and Sharon Jaynes. While that campaign was a wonderful tribute from well known voices about the power of Christ, Believe.com is thrilled to bring more “every day” believers like Penny into the fold. Though don’t be mistaken – this unlikely pastor’s wife is no wallflower.

Check out Leanne’s Blog

Penny’s blog is quickly attracting attention for its candid, practical and often humorous approaches to the life of a Christian woman. With weekly guest posts touching on the topics of parenting, community, death, church planting, friendship and more, Penny is a refreshing drink of water for today’s Christian woman in need of spiritual and community support.

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For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them. —Matthew 18:20

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