Are you female, Christian and single? If so, this is your lucky day. 

“Lucky? I want to get married. My career is slower than a rice cooker with defective fuse… that hasn’t been plugged in. What’s so lucky about that?” some of you might moan.

Consider this your virtual invite (as well as your nudge to get a new rice cooker), to the The Quarter Life Conference on September 13, 2014.

This online, free event, is brimming with top Christian speakers and writers. Without a doubt, this will prove to be one of the best things you do to jumpstart your Fall - not to mention your life.

Renee Fisher, one of our favorite writers here at, has teamed up with Rachel Berry, former Miss Oregon, to present this inspiriting gathering for twenty and thrity somethings who want to do more with their lives than just nab a cute guy.

Did we mention it’s a top quality FREE ONLINE CONFERENCE? 

It’s true. Instead of paying a ton of money to take time off work, hop on a plane, and spend a few days at a conference– Quarter Life is a resource that is both affordable and applicable that you can watch from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad, tablet, laptop or computer.

Why the Quarter-Life Conference?

Focusing on career, social justice, church and relationships, women can learn from top quality speakers such as: 

Ashleigh Slater, Author of Team Us: Marriage Together and Editor of

Bethany Jett, Author of The Cinderella Rule & ChristianMingle vlogger

Debra Fileta, Author of True Love Dates & Contributor at Relevant Magazine

Rayni Peavy, Author of Ten Marriage Lessons from a Semi-Newlywed & ChristianMingle vlogger

Kristen & Kris Wolfe, Miss USA 2009, Founder & Editor of / Founder & Editor, Health & Fitness freak

To readmore about QLC speakers, click here

The best athletes need coaches to train. Don’t we, as women, deserve great spiritual leaders to get us in spiritual shape? The Quarter Life Conference might just be the opportunity you need to be motivated, inspired and, transformed. 

We hope you’ll consider this event. Share it with a friend! 

As our own Renee always ends her emails, we’ll end this article with the same two words: Be encouraged.



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