The world complicates and clutters your life. Imposing its values and ways upon you, smothering and stifling your faith. Subtly drawing you away from God with the demands to conform to its ways and standards. All this you have to get away from even if you have to do it each day. You need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life even if you like it, and the people you work with.

God is first, not work, or some other thing. Without faith it’s not possible to really even know God. So if your faith is starved, diluted, tested, strangled and battered in worldly climes, you need to make sure that you pick it up again that same day. God is not far from each one of us, but we need to make efforts each day to get near and stay near Him. 

Bible reading is a must. The word says to seek God’s kingdom first, and after that He shows you what He wants to say, and wants you to do, and how to pray. Sometimes it is not always possible to read enough of the Bible before work, so you just struggle through as best as you can. Then read it later.

Take every opportunity to get near God. During days off and holidays, you can always build up your faith with less imposition from the world. Jesus often went to solitary places to be alone with God. When you are alone with God, you can be truly yourself. Wild places will free you, give you peace, restore your perspective and give you a place to pray to God alone.

Ask God to show you what is complicating your faith life, and what can be done to simplify it. For me to simplify is to simply do two things. Read the Bible and pray. God will speak to you, and guide you. God does not want you to struggle blindly through a whirlwind of chaos, but rather bring you to a still, quiet place, where you can relax.

We owe it to ourselves and to God to get this faith life right. I slip often, but I also return to God as many times and keep going in the faith no matter what. God means more to me than anyone, and His loyalty and friendship to me is eternal and constant. I hope you and I can also be loyal and strong friends with God and Jesus, and we can as long as we stay on His path for us. 

Many times there have tugs in this direction or that, but the Holy Spirit always say to me to stay on the track that Jesus has set me on. That is the only path for me. What others do with their lives is between them and God. It is only my life and service to God that really matters to me. We are all different, and have slightly or vastly different roles to play in God’s service on earth.

Keep life simple. It is easiest to follow God then, and to be right with Him. Be active in your faith.



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