While toys used to fill every aisle at the department stores and toy stores each year for Christmas, it seems electronics and video games are quickly taking over their place. Video games seem to be the hottest items making it on the Christmas list each year, for kids and adults alike. 

The biggest craze in video games is the mixture of figurines and gaming combined in the actual game play. The two that seem to be in heated competition are Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity.

While both games have similarities, there are some distinct features that set them apart from one another. Understanding each of the games features will help decipher which will be the right fit for your little one this Christmas.
Skylanders Swap Force
The latest in the Skylanders series, Skylanders Swap Force is the third installation following Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders: Giants. The game is available for Wii, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. While the game itself is based on the two previous games, you don’t necessarily need to own the previous games in order to join in on all the fun. 

The Skylanders Swap Force starter packs include one video game and a portal of power and include things like Skylanders figures, collector’s posters, character sticker sheets and trading cards. Prices vary depending on your gaming system, but starter packs start around $60.
Those familiar with the two previous games will be thrilled with the new additions. Skylanders Swap Force includes 16 new core characters, 16 new swappable characters, 16 reposed characters from previous games, five new dark figures and nine Lightcore Skylanders. The release of this game allows for 256 combinations of characters due to the new additions.
While the actual gameplay is a typical platform jumping style game, the reason this video game maintains revolutionary status is because of the portal of power. The top of the figurines can be separated from the bottom half to create distinct characters that are integrated into the actual game play.

Swappable characters offer eight different ways to move in the game and there are even specialty side areas in the game, reserved for specific movements. Finding the right combinations to enter secret areas is just part of the fun in this video game.

Kids will love collecting the figurines, trading halves with friends during game play and trying to maneuver all the levels to beat the game.
Disney Infinity
Disney Infinity is available for PC, iPad, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Taking a hint from other popular figurine and video game combination games, Disney Infinity steps it up a notch by adding beloved Disney and Pixar characters. 

The starter pack for Disney Infinity includes the video game, figurines like Sulley from Monsters Inc., Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles (depending on which pack you choose) base, power disc, starter pack play set piece and web code card. The game offers multiplayer use in Toy Box mode for an added dimension to the game. Starter packs retail around $75.
The game features a multitude of ways to play, whether it’s through the storyline play, adventure play or just through open world creation. Many characterize the open world creation play to the same style as the popular game, Minecraft. Kids will be able to create their own game, mix and match their favorite characters and create numerous combinations to stimulate imagination and creativity.
While it can be easy to look at all the different features of each game, the important thing to remember when picking which game will be right for your little one is the personality of your child. If your child is very much interested in out-of-this-world characters, Skylanders Swap Force might be just the right fit. The characters are full of imagination and the epic battle is protecting the magical realm might be something your child will lose themselves in. 

However, while these type of characters have their place, Disney characters have a much broader reach. Think of what your child would gravitate more towards, take into consideration what their friends might have in terms of swappable figurines and think about the different characters each game offers.

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