I want to thank ChristianMingle for providing the platform for which I have met the absolute love of my life! I can tell you this: it started as just a simple meeting at a park. She was not looking for love but said if it were to happen, it would be beautiful. As for me, I finally let go of trying to find my better half and let God lead her to me. The meeting at the park was so fun because she had her dog. Of course this led to unromantic duties for a first date, but it went well so we decided to make a dinner date for later that evening.

A funny thing happened that afternoon before our dinner, while we sent a couple of texts back and forth trying to make dinner plans. She mentioned that she was about to go to the salon to get a pedicure and I said, “I thought about doing that once but it seemed like such a waste of my money and time.”

Sheila wrote back, “Come get one with me!”

I politely declined and she promptly wrote, “I am buying you a pedicure so you have to come and I’m hanging up so you can’t talk me out of it! Goodbye!”

I didn’t know what to do. This beautiful woman who I had just met was telling me I had to meet her at a salon for a pedicure that she was going to pay for. So yes, I did go and we have been inseparable ever since! I now realize that she is the most kind-hearted child of God anyone could ever meet and I can’t believe that I am blessed enough to have her love me in return. I am not the same when we aren’t together.

We do not have an exact wedding date yet, as we are letting her pastor counsel us and help us determine a time frame for marriage. As soon as we have that we will be setting a date. We thank you and are thankful for your site and to God for making this once in a lifetime love possible.

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