It’s a weird story, really. I had been through a nasty divorce and felt like there really were no good men out there anymore. I was used to being with someone, and had become very lonely so I joined ChristianMingle, and began chatting online with a couple of different men.

I began to become very interested in one member and we exchanged phone numbers and talked for several weeks on the phone. We finally decided to meet on a Friday night, but unfortunately, he bailed out on me the night of our date. I was logged into the site hoping that he had IM’d or emailed, but he hadn’t. Needless to say, I was feeling worse than ever about my finding any good men out there, and I was so hurt! I stared at my computer, looking for a clue on ChristianMingle. Then I bowed my head and cried out to God.

I asked Him to please guide and direct me to someone if He really wanted me to meet a good man. I told Him I was so tired of meeting the wrong men, said that I was sorry for my divorce, and asked for help and forgiveness. My head was down on my desktop and my Bible was opened. All of a sudden, an instant message popped up. It was from another friend I had chatted with a couple of times before.

He simply said, “Hi, what are you up to?”

I took a deep sighing breath and typed, “All dressed up with nowhere to go!”

He said, “Let’s go do something then!”

I looked at my kids, and I said, “Well, should I? He seemed nice online and I do have a sitter, and I am ready to go!”

The kids were all for it!

So, I called my best girlfriend and asked for her to do me the favor of meeting me at the place where I’d meet the date, just to be on the safe side. She accepted.

Much to my surprise, when he walked in, I had a fairly good feeling. He sat down with us and he was so funny and animated. I actually had a good time! And so did he! We still hung out after my friend went home! The next day, I was shocked to be thinking about him. I wanted to see him again! So we did!

We began a very long relationship, over four years now, and have been taking it very slowly and cautiously. There have been hurdles, but I truly believe God meant for us to meet and be together. Thanks, ChristianMingle. If it wasn’t for your website, I may not have met the man of my dreams. I am so in love!

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