Girl_on_Fire had only been on the site for almost 2 months when she got frustrated with a couple of people and decided to not renew her membership. She felt that some of the men on this site were handsome distractions the enemy was using to take her sights away from the Lord. She hadn’t signed on in a month or so when a friend had sent her a card on CM. She signed on and noticed that I had looked at her profile many times and automatically thought “stalker” (that’s now my nickname) =) She commented on a picture of me on a mission trip and didn’t expect me to even respond. I wrote back and asked of her struggles and for her testimony and the flood gates opened. She wrote me a book and at the end said that if I was still reading, to IM her sometime. I tried contacting her later that day and we IM’d for 20 minutes before exchanging phone numbers and continued to talk on the phone that evening for 15 hours. WOW, huh? Every night after that was pretty much the same. We just shared and shared with each other, began to read devotionals with each other, and pray together as well. I flew out to where she lived and visited for a week and met her family and daughter as we were already talking marriage. Later she flew to my hometown and met my mother, friends from college, and friends (family) from church. I asked her to marry me Feb 13th, 2009 while getting ready to attend the Mardi Gras Ball in Mobile, AL. She asked me how she looked and I got down on one knee telling her that her dress was missing something as I presented the ring. =) She said yes (Whew) LOL, and we are getting married May 23, 2009!! Thank you Jesus for giving us the desires of our hearts and CM for giving us the tool in which to find each other!! God bless!

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