Reaching intimacy with God is not as complicated as one might think. You don’t have to go to seminary, attend weekly Bible studies and be involved in several ministries to draw near to Him.

Here are some simple ways that people often overlook to become closer to God.

Read the Bible

It may seem like it goes without saying, but reading the Bible is one of the surest ways to grow closer to God. You don’t have to read it from cover to cover or even start at the beginning. Just open it and read a few verses. Think about what you are reading and try to interpret what it means or what it may mean to you. Is God trying to tell you something through the verse you just read?

Reading the Bible doesn’t have to be a religiously monumental event; it can be as simple as opening the Good Book and seeing what’s inside. Skimming verses or reading stories gives God the opportunity to enter your life.

Go to Church

Feel God’s presence in church. Attend a church service; God always shows up there. Surrounding yourself with people who are exalting Him lends to an overall closer feeling of His presence. It is like a flock of birds flying together: they act as one conscience as they swoop, turn and glide in the same direction all at once. Church offers a large group of believers the opportunity to pray, sing and worship together. It’s hard not to feel close to God at church.


Praying is a personal and unique way to speak to God. It is different for everyone, so pray in a way that is comfortable for you.

Talking to God does not have to include memorized scripture or fancy wording. He just wants us to talk to Him, as you would talk to your best friend. He eagerly wants us to confide in Him, ask Him for advice, spill our hearts and cast our cares upon Him. The more you talk with God, the closer you will get to Him and the more you will want to speak to Him.

The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. —Psalms 145:18, KJV

Help Others

What better way to grow close to God than by reaching out to help others? Whether you feel moved to volunteer at a local homeless shelter, food pantry or outreach program, or spend your time with homeless animals in your local animal shelter, giving your time for the sake of helping others is a gift you give to God.

It does not need to feel like work or something you dread; find your niche, find what you love and donate your time to it. Coach your kid’s soccer team, whip up a healthy, hearty lunch or dinner for the winning team, or host a bake sale to donate the money to a needy organization. The idea is to freely and joyfully give your time to doing good.

Stand in nature

God does not just exist in the Bible or in church; He is all around us. Take a deep breath and revel in the beauty of your surroundings. Marvel at the perfection of trees, grass, insects, fruit, nuts, plants, flowers or animals. God created all of this. Enjoying it, thanking Him for it and appreciating His glorious work will help you grow closer to God.

He did not create our beautiful landscapes merely for existing in; He made this world for us to enjoy it. Lie in the grass with your children and gaze at the clouds. Grab your favorite furry pooch and hit the trails for a brisk walk or hike. This is God’s land.

Sit in stillness and tranquility

Sit in quietude and open and clear your mind. This is one of the best ways to truly hear God. It is only when we can silence our minds that we are open to hearing that still, small voice. Get comfortable, breathe and clear your mind.

Surround yourself with things that bring you peace and happiness

The many ways in which we choose to relax can be one way to grow closer to God. God is peace. When we are at peace, we are closer to God.

So if you enjoy soaking in a hot bubble bath, resting in the presence of scented candles, feel at ease bike riding through the park or have fun while playing with your kids or pets, then do it. Enjoying the life that God has given us, thanking Him for it and appreciating the blessings we have gets us one step closer to Him.

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