The holidays are great for spending quality time and enjoying all the different activities offered, especially for couples.

Whether you’re a new couple looking to get to know one another better or a married couple looking to plan a date night, there are some festive options offered during Christmas time that can make for extra special wintertime dates. Take advantage of what the season has to offer and make sure your date is as special as can be.
1. Shop at the Christmas Market
Whether it’s a Christmas flea market, specialty store that opens once a year or a festival that includes different booths, this can be a great place to find everything from handcrafted ornaments to decorative angel and star toppers for your Christmas tree. Couples can look for decorative items for their homes, gifts for friends and family or just enjoy the walk-through in a Christmas themed shop setting.
2. Revel in Twinkling Lights
While it would be ideal to live in a city that offers huge light and tree displays like New York’s Time Square or Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, not everyone lives in a large metropolitan city. However, even small suburbs offer some downtown areas where residents can see some sort of lighting display.

Take advantage of what your city has to offer in terms of twinkling lights and even check out residential areas. Some residential areas take their home decorating over-the-top and welcome viewers to come and enjoy their light shows. Couples can drive or walk to view differing light displays and enjoy the decorations while spending quality time together. 
3. Go Caroling
While not many people go caroling door-to-door anymore, there are still ways to carol as a group. Whether it’s through your church, organizing a few couples to visit a nursing home or checking all the other options in your community, caroling is a nostalgic activity that will definitely offer a memorable date. This is also a great thing to do after attending a church service focusing on the meaning of Christmas.
4. Ice Skating
While there are some indoor skating rinks, checking out your local park district can be a great option because of low rental fees for skates and free admission. Those that live in colder climes can usually find parks that turn frozen lakes into ice rinks during the winter months. If you’re looking for a classic date without having to break the bank, ice skating can be a great way to make memories. Besides, what’s more romantic than skating under the stars or holding hands while gliding along the ice?
5. See a Window Display
Many cities offer a window display during Christmas time. Oftentimes, the window display has a different theme each year with an elaborate setup. This can make for a great yearly tradition and can become an event in-and-of-itself. Check for places that offer a bit more than just the window display. Some displays feature vendors selling hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts or hot cider for visitors.
6. Enjoy Holiday Fun at the Zoo
The zoo is definitely not just for little kids to view the animals. Adults can very much enjoy going to the zoo. Whether it’s just seeing the animals, enjoying the scenery or having a nice walk, the zoo offers picturesque scenes and fun activities for all ages. This is even more so during the Christmas holiday. Couples can enjoy the decorative lights and strol together in an outdoor activity that can really put you in the Christmas spirit.
7. Get into the Christmas Spirit: Volunteer
While many people comprehend the aspect of giving during Christmas time in terms of presents to friends and family, it’s important not to limit your generosity and kindness to those you know. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves can be a great way to give back and can make for an amazing date activity to be shared as a couple. Whether it’s volunteering at a local soup kitchen or just partaking in an event held by your church, there are usually an abundance of volunteer opportunities during the holidays that will gladly welcome your participation as a couple.
Christmas is an extra special time of year that offers some great activities for couples. While dates can become a little monotonous with the endless movies and dinners, dates during Christmas time don’t have to be the same old outing. Take advantage of what the holiday has to offer and make this Christmas memorable for you and the special person in your life.

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