Several years ago I made the mistake of checking the status of our retirement savings and discovered that almost fifty percent of it had disappeared, just like that. After wrestling with disappointment and anger, the Lord reminded me that worrying about our retirement money won’t make it reappear. It’s much more important for me to set my mind on things above, not on the many worries of this earth.


Over the years of financial loss and gains, I’ve tried to keep my eyes focused on Christ and prayed for three things:


1) That God would take away my anxiety and fill my heart with joy and peace.

2) That during a financial crisis, our country would put our trust back in God instead of money.

3) And that God would bless the many people around the world who don’t have many possessions but serve Him faithfully with their hearts and hands.


During that season of tremendous loss, God graciously changed my perspective in regard to money, and I discovered that I needed to put my full trust in Him instead of rely on my retirement savings or bank account. He has been faithful in replacing my anxiety with his joy and peace instead.

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