In his book entitled Leadership , Rudy Giuliani cautions,

“Leaders of all kinds – CEOs, coaches, even the occasional mayor – run the risk of thinking they are where they are because of divine intervention. When selected for a position of leadership, do not believe you were selected by God.”

The point he is getting at is that too often people in leadership begin to believe they are special. He goes on to speak of the humility and self-awareness that leaders need to be effective and to make sure that pride doesn’t begin to drive their actions.

At first I dismissed this comment as not applying to ministry leaders. Of course we are selected by God, right?

But honestly I wonder if there is something in that statement we need to consider?

In our belief that God has called us to our ministry role, do we begin to develop an attitude of arrogance? Instead of our calling humbling us, do we believe it makes us untouchable?

I do believe that God calls us. I do believe he has equipped us with certain gifts, talents and abilities that equip us to do a specific work.

But I also think that sometimes we can become prideful about that calling.

God could call or select anyone to do what he has positioned you to do. Don’t take for granted that your calling is a gift.

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