Upon returning from a yearlong deployment in Iraq, I thought it was time to prioritize my life back home. I knew I was ready to share my life with someone special; not just ‘any’ someone, but someone who shared the same values that I had. It was during that time that I decided to join ChristianMingle. Within just two weeks, I stumbled upon a beautiful young lady’s profile-to my utter shock and amusement, we were a 100% match!

“What are the chances?” I thought to myself, incredulously. I soon found out that Sarah had just joined ChristianMingle that very week. She too, was surprised at our perfect compatibility. Both of us were a little leery of online dating sites, and found it hard to believe that we had met “the one” so quickly. We wanted to approach our relationship with caution, but to our surprise, it developed quite quickly. After having conversed online and on the phone, we decided to meet in person, just 11 days after our first initial contact. Sarah told me she was so nervous that she nearly turned around to drive back home several times! Thank God she didn’t for we have become inseparable ever since!

Even though Sarah lived two hours away, we spent every weekend together until we decided that Sarah would relocate closer to where I lived. The Lord’s hand was in every part of our relationship—from meeting so quickly, to falling in love—that we knew we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together.

I proposed to Sarah on the end of May of last year at Highland Castle. I led her to a beautiful room, with two story high windows overlooking the lake, and got down on one knee. Thankfully, she said yes! We will be getting married on June 2012, and we cannot wait to begin our journey of happily ever after!

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