I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that He used your website to bring my darling wife and me together. Our story begins in July of 2013. Even though I was looking for love inside of Washington State, shortly after I joined Christian Mingle, I received a smile from my soon-to be wife who was located one thousand miles away, in Canada. We started exchanging progressively longer and more meaningful emails and, after a couple of weeks, we were so star struck with each other that we were already talking about marriage! We emailed each other nonstop, video chatted a couple of times, and after securing the blessing of her father, we officially changed our social media statuses to “in a relationship” and switched to video chatting full time.

God had already planned for Sarah to be camping with friends in Banff, Alberta, during the first weekend of August.   Banff just happened to be the half way point between my home in central Washington and her home in northern Alberta.  We decided to meet for the first time in Banff. The meeting turned out to be wondrous; a little too wondrous. A ton of healthy physical tension convinced us that a long courtship and/or potential engagement period was probably not in our best interest.

A couple of weeks later, I took yet another long weekend off from work in order to drive the entire 1000 mile distance to see her in northern Alberta. During my visit, I secured permission from her father to ask his daughter to marry me. A couple weeks later, at the beginning of September, I proposed to my darling wife at the same place I met her in-person for the first time. She knew it was coming and we moved fast. We were engaged just two short months after having talked for the first time on ChristianMingle, and just one short month after having met each other in person.

It turned out that her sister and mother were very skilled wedding planners and were able to plan a beautiful wedding for the two of us with only a few months notice. We were married on November 23, 2013, just under five months after meeting each other on ChristianMingle.

We are living “happily ever after” in Canada. Our story may be unorthodox, but we felt the whole time and still feel, the hand of God guiding our affairs. We are truly blessed, and we will never forget the role that ChristianMingle played in placing two long distance soul mates together.

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