Being “old fashioned” in my own way, I have always been a little reluctant to the whole online dating scene. However, after some encouragement from my sister, I finally signed up on ChristianMingle to see if God really had that beautiful Christian girl for me, like I hoped he did.  In the first few months, I met a few different girls, but none of them really sparked that passionate fire in my heart the way that Sarah did on the evening of April 14th.  Her incredible joy for God, life, and beautiful excitement that she displayed intensified my attraction to her throughout our days of conversation.  We emailed back and forth for a couple weeks, spoke once, and all the while I sensed that there was something different about her that gave me a feeling I had never experienced before.  

We confirmed this amazing feeling for each other when we met for coffee on a rainy spring evening, and more than two hours later, we were the last two people in the café. I wondered to myself if this was what “love at first sight” felt like.  As we eventually got up from our seats and I walked Sarah to her car, we stood there talking while the rain came down; neither of us wanted to leave.  After getting soaked from the rain and having goose bumps from the cold (which was all worth it) we finally agreed to meet up for dinner, a few days later, at one her favorite restaurants in downtown San Diego.

After what felt like an eternity, that day finally came and after some amazing gourmet, customized burgers, we decided to get to know each other even better over a couple drinks at a 22nd floor lounge down the street that had a view of the entire city of San Diego and overlooked Petco Park.  After another magical night, I knew Sarah was very special.  After another spectacular date a couple nights later, I was very confident that she could be “the one.”  

Unfortunately we weren’t able to see each other the following day due to prior obligations, but the whole day we texted back and forth while I bragged to my friends about my romantic excitement towards this girl I had met.  That night, before we met up the next day, I planned out how I would pick her up the next day for lunch, a walk on the beach, followed by attending church together.  With a youthful, loving nervousness of butterflies in my stomach, I knocked on her door and presented her with a beautiful bouquet of orchids, which I told her was the first surprise. I followed it up with the second surprise of a sensual kiss that left me with a feeling that I hadn’t experienced my entire life; an immediate certainty that this was indeed love, and I hoped she felt the same way.

We shared an amazing next few months, and on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after church, I got down on one knee at the top of Mt. Helix and asked Sarah to marry me!  I’ll never forget the surprised excitement in her eyes as her gorgeous lips slowly said “yes,” while tears started rolling down her cheeks.  And, to think that this amazing God centered relationship all started on ChristianMingle. On June 28, 2014, we will become husband and wife! 

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