I reluctantly joined ChristianMingle in September of 2014 after seven months of trying other dating websites and mobile applications. Although I have been a Christian my whole life, I did not want to narrow my search results to only another Christian as the person I’d spend the rest of my life with. Some profiles were the same people in my area that I found on other sites, but there was one person in particular whose picture seemed to shine like a ray of sunlight. I started messaging Sarah through ChristianMingle and soon we exchanged phone numbers and we began text messaging each other. I came to find out later in our relationship that at the time I started messaging Sarah on ChristianMingle, she did not have an active account and she needed to reactivate her account in order to respond to my message. I thought this was a sweet gesture once I found this out and I am glad that she took the time and energy to reactivate her account for me. We managed to arrange our first date at a restaurant between where we both lived called That Meetball Place.

Our first date was not very comfortable for either of us. It was more like a job interview than a date where we got to know each other much better. We managed to arrange for a second date at a food and wine festival and things went smoother for both of us and we allowed each other to open up more to each other. Since we had both been through some dating letdowns in the past we were both a little slow at getting started with a relationship that seemed too good to be true.

After dating for about three months and growing closer to each other through many dates and exciting day trips with each other we began to start talking to each other about our future together and the idea of one day getting married. We were traveling about 35 minutes between each other’s houses whenever we wanted to visit the other person and knew that if all continued to go well for us, marriage would not be out of the question. Two months after our initial talk about getting married we had picked a wedding venue for the summer of 2015 and we were engaged.

We got engaged in March 2015 at Hotel de Glace, an Ice Hotel in Quebec City, Canada. It was a magical weekend away that we will never forget and we look forward to visiting our special spot again in the future! Our wedding date was August 8, 2015 and we went away on an amazing honeymoon for two and a half weeks to Ireland, England, France and Italy. Since returning from our honeymoon it has been amazing to come home each night to the love of my life and not need to drive out to her house to spend time with her. Sarah and I are looking forward to years and years of happiness with each other!
Thank you, ChristianMingle!

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