Steve and I met on ChristianMingle on April 11, 2013.  He looked at my profile but didn’t message me so I sent him the “I noticed you noticing me” smile.  Steve quickly replied and joked that he thought I lived five minutes past his dating radius!  Over the next few days, we exchanged a few messages back and forth because he was on a business trip.  When Steve returned home from his trip on April 14, we texted for twelve hours until it was four o’clock in the morning!

Steve and I had both been married before so we both knew exactly what we wanted, regarding spiritual and personal qualities.  We decided to give a relationship a shot.  Once I introduced Steve to my twin, seven-year-old girls and four year old boy he instantly loved my children as his own and within a week they were all calling him, “dad.”

During the next few months, we spent as much time as we possibly could.  On August 1, before leaving on a family trip to see Steve’s family, he proposed!  Over the next couple of weeks we felt that God was telling us to tie the knot so we called our pastor and asked if he was available to marry us the following Saturday, August 24th. 

My backyard and deck have always been my personal refuge and safe-haven. Since Steve proposed to me there, we decided to get married there as well.  God turned what we thought was going to be a simple ceremony with eight or ten friends and family members, into a perfect wedding with a dress, bouquet, music and more than forty attendees!   As friends and family called to insist on sharing our special day with us, they each offered to bring something specific to contribute without even knowing the need.  God is good and it was amazing watching Him put this together! 

Our success can be narrowed down to two things: First, being true to yourself and do not compromise your beliefs and the attributes that you desire in a partner and second, follow God’s plan for your life and be patient.  I was on ChristianMingle for two years before I met Steve. Steve had joined for a one week “test” and we found each other on his second day.  Anything is possible!  Thank you ChristianMingle!  

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