One year ago, almost to the day, I met an amazing woman on ChristianMingle. I met numerous wonderful women, in fact, but I was not getting the go-ahead from God that they were the right one.


At first, it appeared that the heavens were going to mock me; connecting me with this great woman, but, unfortunately, there was a physical distance of 4 hours between us. It seemed this was as far as it was going to go.  After several instant messages and emails though, she agreed to meet part way in Chicago for dinner.


To steal the words from a song, “the day you strolled in, my heart was stolen” is the only way to describe our first meeting. We didn’t confess this at the time (that would have been silly), but we both knew at that moment we had found our mate.  We’ve had a wonderful courtship over the last year with every available weekend being spent traveling back and forth between Michigan and Illinois to nurture this new love.  Neither one of us were convinced we’d ever get a second chance at true, Christ-like love, assuming we had even experienced it the first time around.  We both had 20+ year marriages that fell apart, and yet here we found ourselves basking in the most amazing, honest, genuine love we had ever known. 


It was and still is mind-blowing that God would bless us so richly beyond our imaginations.  We have expressed to each other how, if we could consciously have dreamed up such a romance, we would not have set the bar high enough. Neither one of us feels worthy of such an extravagant blessing, but we are enjoying the good gift God has given us in His rich Mercy and Grace. 


This past weekend our relationship came to its fruition and we were joined in Holy matrimony in the presence of our combined six children.  We know that God can do anything, but we never would have met were it not for ChristianMingle. 


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