We are so very thankful that God used ChristianMingle so that we could meet! It all started last July when I joined ChristianMingle. I was busy with school and didn’t have time to meet men. And honestly, I wasn’t even looking! I just thought, I really need to meet a Godly man. I am from Kansas and have lived all over the world and I wasn’t looking for a “Kansas” man, per say. So, I decided to branch out and see what was out there. I hadn’t paid for a membership and just wanted to test the waters. I was almost done with nursing school and I really wanted to move back to Hawaii. I looked at the profiles of men in Hawaii and that’s when I came across a very handsome man. I read his profile and was like “Oh well, he sure sounds interesting and busy with 3 jobs.” I didn’t wink or leave any sort of message. And to my surprise the very next day, July 24th, he emailed me with the subject “Aloha, Beautiful!”

I thought, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that this hunk just wrote me!” and I was really curious to see what he wrote. I shared with some women at church and they convinced me to pay for a membership so that I could read his message. I did, and, the bottom line was that he was trying to see if I was back in Hawaii yet. I wasn’t but we started talking anyway. We found out we had a lot in common and he asked if we could exchange numbers and we started talking. At that point, we both decided to cancel our memberships. We both didn’t want to meet anyone else. It started out slow, but what was so awesome was that we did the same type of devotional journaling called SOAP. Every day, we shared about the Lord and He became the foundation of our relationship. I sent him another devotional for a belated birthday gift.

From the beginning, we felt beyond blessed at how God answered our prayers for a life partner. We already knew that we wanted to get married, even before we met face to face. The first couple of months, we talked, texted, video chatted and finally, on October 9th, Ken flew to Kansas to meet me! It was just an amazing time and he decided in order to get closer to God and to grow in our relationship, he was going to move to KS. Yes, that’s right; he left paradise to move to the mainland!

I have never felt so loved and cherished by anyone except by the Lord. On November 7th, Ken moved to Kansas and we are still going strong. We continue to put the Lord first and love to tell people how we met. Our big day is going to be July 27, 2013 on the big island in Ken’s parent’s back yard. We are so excited and have loved planning our wedding. We just want to thank you ChristianMingle for having this website so that godly people have a chance to meet! God used this site as a vessel and we can’t wait to live our life growing in love for the Lord and doing what He has called us to do!

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