Finding yourself single again isn’t always the best feeling. The grief that typically accompanies the end of a relationship usually makes the transition quite daunting. However, once the grief is addressed, the single life is truly something to celebrate. So, rather than feeling ashamed or fearful, have faith and focus on these three reasons to revel in your new-found independence.

1. Freedom Is Yours

The single life means you are no longer held to another individual. Therefore, you are untethered and can easily fly free. You have the opportunity and availability to explore all you desire and pursue your dreams without consideration or concern for another adult individual’s needs.

For this reason, the single life can be the chance of a lifetime – an opportune moment to follow your heart and do, go, be or achieve whatever or wherever it desires.

2. Time To Travel Has Arrived

Additionally, the single life offers an opportunity to travel the world, discovering new people, places and cultures. Moreover, it allows you the time and space to travel inward, going inside the self to explore the vastness of the soul, clearing the blocks away and discovering new or buried treasures of the self.

The latter is a journey we all need to take, and it’s one that requires no passport, travel arrangements or cash flow. But it does require focus and commitment, as well as quality time with self. And, as you know, the single life allows for all of the above.

3. Evolution Is At Hand

Finally, the single life gives you a chance to change your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self for the better. It allows you the opportunity to feel and face pain, heal and grow.

The single life gives you time to hit the reset button and restore any needed balance to your life. It gives you the chance to begin focusing on your physical health via healthy eating and exercise and often spurs people to seek counseling to deal with the ending of the prior relationship.

If you so choose, a beautiful process of spiritual evolution is at hand the moment you begin the single life again. Sitting with the pain, spending time with yourself, traveling inward to learn, explore and love more about you, making choices to pursue lifelong dreams or goals that might have otherwise been set aside … these are all aspects of spiritual evolution. The single life affords the perfect environment and circumstances for this process to take place.

The single life is not to be confused with a lonely life. Being alone has nothing to do with being lonely. In fact, people can feel alone even while in relationships. Why is that? Because loneliness is a result of a lacking relationship with self, not others.

If you find yourself single again, shift your perspective and celebrate the gift that is this time in your life – an opportunity and a catalyst for positive change.

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