The Lord used ChristianMingle for LaughOften22 and JSharp89 to meet for lunch last summer. From the first date we both knew this was something awesome.

Since our first day of hanging out we have been inseperable — I went on a date with her the next night to a country line dancing bar, and from there the rest is almost history…

Renae made the initiative to close our ChristianMingle accounts to show our exclusivity — a step I was very excited about!

Tracing the steps… everything happened quickly… our first kiss… our first “I love you”… me buying the ring in November to me asking her to be my partner in the Gospel by becoming my wife on November 5th… to us getting married a little over two weeks ago on May 30th!

Our story happened quickly, but the years of prayer backed behind it, and the evidence of God at work, has fueled our story and will continue to ignite it for the rest of our lives… so that our story will become His!

We are now enjoying being married in our new home and beginning our lives together as the Sharps, and we are so blessed that God has been so awesome throughout this whole thing.

It took me a while to get on ChristianMingle because it felt humiliating to me. I felt like… what kind of man needs to get on this to find someone? But, them I remembered the way God operates… that he opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble… and then I remembered that God could absolutley use this website as a tool for me to meet my wife… and holy cow am I glad He did!

I want to give credit to ChristianMingle as the tool… but all Glory goes to God and to the countless prayers for one another that were done before we knew one another in tears wishing that we were together. So, if you’re reading this, please try ChristianMingle as the tool, but use prayer as the fuel… and remember that Christ is King always and forever!

We were absolutley blessed by this and now pray for everyone out there looking for their partner in the Gospel. Don’t lose hope. Don’t make an Idol out of the person you are seeking. Seek First the Kingdom of God and the heart of Christ… and the rest will fall into place…

Dudes — Be vulnerable and put your heart out there and be willing to be rejected. And remember, you are preparing to show the world Christ’s Love for His church as you pursue the woman of your dreams!

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