There’s something to be said for doing your own thing.

In Sorting the Good from the Bad, we took the stage, put ourselves out there and listened to the wisdom of others. In Sorting the Good from the Bad, we combed through the advice, weighing who it came from and took some time and space to think it through.

Now what?

Relax and trust your teachable heart.

Stop asking others what they think.

Do what you know is right.

Too much feedback overwhelms.

One person may tell you to veer left while another pushes you right. At the same time.

And remember, each one of us comes from a different background and that means we will give and take advice differently.

I see life as a daughter, sister, wife and stay-at-home mom and homeschooler.

I filter my experiences through the lens of being a product of divorce, a marriage veteran of 21 years that have been more than a roller coaster ride and a mom to two boys and a girl-and the boys are teenagers!

I weigh the gravity of any new crisis with a heart that has trudged a four-year battle with leukemia with my firstborn son.

Of course all those things color my world. I will share advice with you and react to what you have to say to me based on what I already know and understand.

So walk forward in confidence.

Put your clothes back on.

Jump off the stage.

And go do your own thing.

Leave a comment and let me know how this has worked for you!

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