Recruiting volunteers who are great can sometimes be a challenging task in ministry.  Recently, I have been charged with the task of starting a college ministry from scratch, which means finding and recruiting leaders who will volunteer their time for what we are doing.  In working through how to do this, I have seen a trend of great leaders as opposed to good ones.

Through the years in youth ministry, I have had dedicated and hardworking leaders who always show up when they are needed, who never complain and who will do anything for the ministry. Then, I have worked with great volunteers.  I am so appreciative of the great leaders who have taught me what it means to love people.  You see, the thing that separates the good leaders from the great leaders is that they have a passion for the people more than they do for the ministry.  I want to recruit leaders who are passionate about college students, not necessarily passionate about college ministry.  There is a difference.

People who are passionate about college students care more about meeting students than putting on an event for them.  People who are passionate about college students give the keys to their home so they can do laundry at their house, even when they aren’t home.  People who are passionate about college students show up to an art show, a university choir concert, a university sporting event not necessarily because they like what they will see or hear, but because they love who is part of the event.

My wife is a great example of being passionate about people.  When we got married, she had never played a round of golf in her life.  When we started dating, she began to figure out the game, and eventually went out on to the course with me.  She loves being out on the golf course with me, not necessarily because she likes golf, but because she loves me and knows that I love golf.

Being dedicated to a ministry, and helping through serving in whatever way is needed is a huge help to a ministry.  But having leaders who are crazy about the people you are ministering, and will do whatever it takes to minister to them is a necessity.

What things do you look for when you recruit leaders?

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