I found Jason’s profile on ChristianMingle in August of 2012.  Jason literally met all of the criteria that I wanted in a man.  He went to a good church regularly, had his own children, and was tall and handsome.  I was instantly drawn to his profile.  I did not normally “wink” at men first or send the first email, but I made an exception.  I somehow knew he was going to be special.  A few weeks went by with no answer, and I figured he had met someone else.  He continued to log on to the site though, so I was still curious.  Meanwhile, I had been out of a few horrendous dates!  Someday, I’ll forgive him for that.  I decided to send another “wink” and finally got a response a while later.  

On October 7, 2012, I saw that he was online. I was really excited and got up my nerve to instant message him.  We chatted for three and a half hours! Before we finally said, “good night” he asked me to come with him to his church the next morning.  That was a first for me!  Church… on a first date?  Who was this guy?  I could not find any reason to say no.  When I finally closed my computer, my daughter walked in the room and asked what I had been doing.  I said, “I’m going to marry this man.”

Just three short months later on New Year’s Eve, I realized I had become pregnant.  We were terrified at first, but decided this must be God’s plan.  We were married on April 12, 2013, and we couldn’t be happier.  Our baby is due in late August.

We are so thankful to God for showing us His plan for our lives and blessing us so abundantly.  I finally found the man of my dreams after so much heartache.  


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