It all started on January 22, 2012. This is the day that I received a message from Derek. Immediately, I knew there was something different about him. We began chatting back and forth, and then we decided to exchange phone numbers. We texted all day for a couple days and it was amazing! I could tell that he had an awesome heart and great love for God! A couple days later, Derek asked if we could talk on the phone and let me tell you, it was the best phone call of my life! My heart fluttered from the minute I heard his voice! We clicked instantly. After that first phone call, we talked on the phone every night; some conversations lasted for almost 4 hours! Our conversations were so perfect that we decided it was time that we meet. The hardest part about us meeting was that I lived in West Virginia and he in Georgia; but it all worked out anyway!

My Prince Charming decided that on February 3, 2012, he was going to drive 9 hours to meet me! I was ecstatic, speechless, and I just couldn’t believe it but boy, was I excited! So, that weekend we met in person for the very first time! The moment we saw each other, it was unbelievable! It was as if we were long lost best friends being reunited. It was perfect and so amazing, exactly what a love story is supposed to be. On February 4, 2012, Derek and I “officially” started dating. Over the next couple of months, we made numerous trips between West Virginia and Georgia. Each day got better and better and we fell more in love every day. The times we were apart, we would spend all day texting, making phone calls throughout the day, and a video chat date every night. It was obvious that what we had was something special, something only God could make happen.

On April 8, 2012 Derek asked me to marry him! And of course, I said “YES!” It was perfect! God finally answered my many prayers and blessed me with not only the man of my dreams, but a man that goes far beyond what I ever imagined! Shortly after we got engaged, we set a wedding date. We were so in love that we knew we couldn’t wait too long. So, we decided on October 28, 2012. And now we are happily married and praising God everyday for His awesomeness! He answered both of our prayers, but He also went beyond that. Not only are we husband and wife, we are best friends! We share a love that is incredible and could only happen when God is in it!

We were both always so skeptical of online dating, but we decided to have some fun and give it a try anyway. The funny thing, we both signed up for ChristianMingle on the same night. We also put a radius on our profile for no one to show up beyond 100 miles of where we live, but somehow we showed up on each other’s profiles. Some may say this is coincidence, but we firmly believe that it was all God’s plan! We were once against online dating, but now God used ChristianMingle to change our minds about that. We strongly encourage those that are single to give ChristianMingle a try. If it wasn’t for those of you at ChristianMingle allowing God to use you and your website, my husband and I may have never met! We often say that we are so thankful we signed up on ChristianMingle! We are forever thankful and forever blessed!

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