I want to thank ChristianMingle for helping me find the love of my life!

I joined in November 2012, and Ramon joined a week after I did. Ramon sent me a “wink,” so I replied with a “Smile.” That’s where everything started. We started talking, using the private Instant Messaging feature on ChristianMingle, and I couldn’t believe that I had found this handsome guy, and that he could be THE ONE for me (after I read all of his profile).

We asked all the basic questions, and I noticed that he was Brazil. I asked him which part of Brazil he was from. He replied a small town from Espírito Santo called São Francisco. (Well, I’m Brazilian too, but he didn’t know that… I guess that he didn’t read my entire profile, haha, but that’s ok.) He never asked where I was from, so I skipped the Brazilian part.

We chatted for two hours, talking about everything we have in common, and I started talking about the mission trip that I go on every year with my dad’s non-profit organization. He told me, “Rebeca, sorry about my English if I misspelled anything.”

After almost three hours of talking, I said in Portuguese, “Você prefere conversar em Português???” (Do you prefer talking in Portuguese!?!?) Hahaha! That was the best ever! He couldn’t believe that I was Brazilian too. We exchanged phone numbers and talked ALL night until we noticed it was 6 a.m., and we had to get ready to go to work. It was a perfect night.

The next day I couldn’t believe God used ChristianMingle for me to find my soulmate. We talked every day about everything. My life, his life, who I wanted to be, and who he wanted to be, our dislikes, passion, what we treasure, our family, what we are looking for, our ideas, marriage, kids…well, we talked about EVERYTHING! Thank God for Skype!

Our first date was on December 29, 2012, and we spent our first New Year’s Eve together just a few days later. We knew that 2013 was going to be the year that God had planned for us! Everything went so smoothly between us and our family that we got engaged in April 2013, and we started to plan our wedding.

Finally, it was here, the perfect day for our lives: October 11, 2013. We had a perfect wedding, and we shared this day with our loved ones. We had a great honeymoon on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was just perfect! Now that we’re married, everything is awesome. We do all the things that we love to do as a couple.

In September, I went on my mission trip to India and Nepal to open our first, free dental clinic with my dad. It’s what I love! In November, Ramon and I spent the whole month in Brazil with our families on a perfect vacation at the best resorts and on our family farm!

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