While we’ve had our entire lives to practice communicating with others, and to practice voicing our needs to those around us, it does not always come naturally. However, communication is the key to any great relationship, so it’s worth practicing some more! Along with passion, kindness and honesty, communication will keep your relationship healthy and happy. If you want to build a lasting relationship, it’s time to raise your voice! No, we don’t mean yelling, but we do mean voicing any and all relationship expectations! Here are some tips on learning to voice your relationship expectations in a constructive and positive way.

• Set Your Expectations

Before you can set your expectations for your partner, you have to figure out what they are! What do you want out of a relationship and a mate? Do you require plenty of space and alone time? Or, are you the kind of person who wants to hang out with your partner all the time? Make a list of everything you want out of a relationship, as well as your expectations for your mate. Take your time and be thorough, think about what was missing from past relationships. Ask your partner to do the same.

• Take Time To Discuss Your Expectations

Once both of your lists are complete, take time to sit down and share your lists. This step is crucial to growing together in a caring and committed relationship. If you don’t share your expectations, you will never achieve them and both of you could become frustrated when you don’t get what you want. Share your list and ask your partner to wait until you are finished for a response. Next, allow your partner to do the same. Be open to hearing everything your mate has to say, and ask him or her to do the same for you. This step is about listening to each other and being open about your expectations.

• Meet Your Expectations

You can talk all you want, but eventually you and your partner must take action in order to meet your expectations. If you don’t, your frustrations with each other will only build, eventually boiling over. If you have decided that your partner’s expectations for you are acceptable, then you need to do what it takes to meet those expectations. If you do, it will likely help you in other areas of your life as well. Say one of your partner’s expectations for you involves you hanging out with their friends more often. You will not only be making your partner happy by doing this, but you will also be enriching your social circle! If your partner’s expectations for you are not going to enrich your life as well as theirs, then you need to reexamine those expectations, and potentially your relationship as well!

On the flipside, your partner will need to take action in order to give you what you’re looking for as well. If the object of your affection says they’ll meet your demands, but doesn’t, you have a problem. Do not accept a partner who talks a good game, but doesn’t take action. If you’re willing to meet your mate’s expectations, they should do the same.

Voicing your expectations to your partner is vital to the longevity of your relationship. Your mate may be able to give you everything you need in terms of emotional support, but how will they know if something is missing if you don’t tell them? Follow these three steps in order to practice voicing your relationship expectations before they come up in an unhealthy way! In other words, raise your voice now so you won’t raise your voice in an argument.

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