Engagement is knowing you’re betrothed to someone before saying the beautiful words of “I do”. However, this time isn’t always easy, especially if you’re having a long engagement. So, how do you prepare before marriage? Are there practical ways to actually prepare yourself for the longest, most trying, and yet most beautiful journey of life?

A Solid Foundation

There are several ways to prepare for married life before marriage, and it has absolutely nothing to do with modern culture’s ideas of preparation. Many people today think that the keys to marriage preparation are living together before marriage, premarital sex to test for compatibility, and dating other people to see if they fit better with your lifestyle. Unfortunately, people who live this way are missing out on building a strong foundation for marriage.

“Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock. But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”  —Matthew 7:24-27

How God Wants You To Prepare

Marriage is a holy undertaking that no couple should take lightly. In that spirit, here are some practical and biblical ways to prepare yourself before betrothing your life to someone:

  • Sign up for premarital counseling. This can actually reveal incredible truths about the person you’re about to marry, even if you’ve been together for quite some time. What will they say about you? How will they act when they hear your answer to a question asked regarding them? You will most likely be given a book to read about preparing for marriage, and reading it together opens a whole new level of communication. It gives great insights into each other’s character, flaws and strengths.
  • Pray for each other. Pray relentlessly over each other and be sure to ask for prayer for your future marriage. We know we are warned that we will face trials in marriage, as stated in 1 Corinthians 7:28: “Those who marry will face many troubles in this life, and I want to spare you this.” You will need covering, and God delights, listens and rewards a faithful prayer warrior.
  • Read together. Aside from delving into God’s Word together, read other books about preparing for marriage, and yes, you can even read about preparing for sex. God specifically saved sex for marriage because it plays an important role in this holy relationship, so you can study it the way you would any other facet of marriage, like finances, parenthood, or making time for romance.
  • Build up trust. An engagement can be used as a period of building your spiritual foundation for marriage. Trust your partner, love them and commit to them fully in your soul and heart. Commit to them with the kind of faithfulness that can only be written in something as a strong as covenant between God and His people, which is, quite miraculously, reflected in marriages He brings together.

You won’t regret the time you take preparing for marriage. These steps will help prepare you for a lifetime filled with highs and lows, happiness and sadness, struggles and celebrations. Finding the balance between these moments is much easier when you’ve done the work beforehand.

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