Just as God tells us not to fear, we are told that God protects us. However, far too many people deny God’s efforts to keep us safe in every aspect of lives. Our love lives are no exception. In fact, it can be an especially dangerous place to ignore God, which is why it’s important to recognize the ways in which God is trying to get our attention in an effort to keep us safe.

1. Weird Vibrations

The first way God typically nudges us is through energy or vibration. In other words, we feel it. Those who quickly pick up on these energies or vibrations are referred to as clairsentient; a term which basically means clear-feeling. However, we all have the gift of feeling the energy or vibration of other people, places or even things.

Of course, that gift comes in handy when it comes to God trying to keep us safe. After all, that’s one of the reasons he bestowed it upon us. But, in order for it to work, we have to pay attention to and trust it.

When the energy or vibration of a person, place or situation feels draining, creepy, negative, toxic or just off in some way, take heed and, without assumptions or judgment, simply walk away.

2. Bad Gut Feeling

Along with energy, God often gives us a sinking feeling in our stomach when something isn’t safe or good for us. People often refer to the experience as having a gut feeling that something is wrong. Of course, this is also referred to as our intuition.

Intuition is another gift God gave us to keep us safe. To strengthen it, we simply need to acknowledge and trust it. After all, having faith in the gifts God gave us is the same as having faith in God.

So, when you get a sinking feeling about a person or a situation, trust that feeling. It’s God’s way of steering us away from something that may be unsafe.

3. Not Lining Up

Of course, there are people we just can’t seem to connect with – the timing is never right, schedule conflicts get in the way, etc. And, of course, there are events we can’t attend and places we can’t go for one reason or another. This is another way God looks out for us.

Many times, God will simply try to block the experience from happening by making it impossible, and that’s a sign to let go and have faith it’s best, rather than continuing to try to make something line up.

So, trust the “no” you’re obviously receiving from the universe, and let the idea of that person go. Have faith that it’s God’s way of keeping you safe.

4. Your Inner Voice

The fourth way God tries to get our attention is through what some call the inner voice; another form of intuition. This is the built-in mechanism God gives us to keep us safe –  spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. And, though it isn’t exactly a disembodied voice we hear or the all-too-recognizable voice of Morgan Freeman, it is indeed recognizable.

In fact, our inner voice or intuition sounds a lot like our own voice. But, to avoid confusion, think of it as your Higher Self – the one truly aligned with and connected to God – speaking inside your head, letting you know when something is not right.

And, to be clear, this voice of intuition is not to be confused with the voice of fear. When fear speaks, anxiety accompanies it. Conversely, when intuition talks, there is no nervousness – just a calm sense of knowing. So, when you hear a “no,” and it’s not in reaction to your own fear, listen, trust and honor it.

As we know, God gave us free will. That applies to our own safety, protection and the activation and utilization of our own self-preserving gifts. That said, the most important way we can stay safe with regard to our love lives is to have faith in God and the gifts he has given us, trust our instincts, listen to our intuition and love ourselves enough to honor all of the above.

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