The world of dating is filled with subtlety – a bit too much subtlety for most of us, to be honest. Hand gestures, body language and certain words and phrases can carry hidden meanings, each of which could indicate that either your date is totally into you or that they’re bored to death. Learning to read all these signs can be tough, so instead of trying to read certain signs, why not send some of your own instead?

If you’re particularly interested in a potential partner, send them positive signals with one of these moves:

1. Smile.

A smile says a lot about you, and it’s such a simple gesture. It communicates positivity and happiness, which will give your partner good vibes. Smile as often as you can without overly forcing it. If you’re someone who has a bit of a perma-scowl without meaning to, try to pay attention to your facial expression during the date.

2. Make Eye Contact.

Don’t hold your eye contact so long that it’s creepy, but do make eye contact whenever the other person is speaking to you. It shows you’re paying attention and helps build an initial bond. Avoid getting distracted by things going on around you, especially if the person is sharing something important.

3. Give Compliments.

The more specific your compliments are, the better. Instead of saying, “You look nice,” comment on something specific that feels more unique to your date and their personality. It can be about a specific articles of clothing, a comment on their charming personality or a note about the cute idiosyncrasies of his or her behavior.

4. Use Physical Touch.

A simple touch can convey a sense of intimacy without being invasive. A light touch on the shoulder or the hand during a moment of conversation can send great vibes to the other person. Closeness offers the same benefits; if you lean in during conversation or share an armrest during a movie, it shows that you want to create intimacy rather than distance.

5. Ask Lots Of Questions.

People love to talk about themselves. Asking your partner lots of questions keeps the conversation going and indicates that you want your date to continue rather than be cut short. Plus, it shows a genuine interest in the person you’re with, which is essential to creating a connection between the two of you.

6. Share Personal Information.

You absolutely shouldn’t feel obligated to spill your secrets when you’re just getting to know someone. However, keeping everything locked inside makes you seem distant and closed off to new relationships. So while asking questions is important, as mentioned above, you also need to answer questions honestly in order to show that you’re interested.

7. Put Your Phone Away.

This modern form of body language is one of the best ways to show your date that you want to spend quality time together. Phones are constantly distracting us from the moment at hand, so be sure to keep yours out of sight and out of mind. If you need it out for some reason, like in case the babysitter needs to get in touch, make it clear that you only have your phone out for that purpose.

Even if your partner isn’t especially attuned to body language or subtle signals, these gestures should let them know you’re interested. Of course, you could always forgo the subtle route and just tell him or her how you feel, but where’s the fun in that?

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