The psychological effects of a breakup can be extremely powerful. We wallow in our loss as our minds and emotions have difficulty letting go. We may find ourselves dwelling on daydreams about our former flames. As we magnify the loss by replaying it over and over in our minds, we empower its effects more.

One of the best remedies for overcoming this is shifting our focus onto something inspiring. If loss represents hopelessness, adventure represents hope.

Hope is not simply wishing upon a star; hope is living as though you already have what you are hoping for. This is also how faith begins taking shape. Here are some ways adventure can realign your focus on positive things so you can move on and find happiness elsewhere.

Adventure Is Creativity

Adventure is anything creative that produces inspiration; it shifts your perspective and focus onto what makes you feel alive inside. Loss has a crippling way of keeping us focused on the past and on what we cannot have. It keeps us in a state of paralysis; searching and analyzing for answers that won’t change the outcome anyway.

Adventure gives us the freedom to express our creativity, while staying true to ourselves. So, we do not lose the essence of who we are in a way that creates positive energy.

Adventure Is Therapy

To change our emotions, we must change our physical state. There are a lot of things we can do to change our state. As I have gotten out of my twenties, I feel those “tired” days much more if I don’t exercise. If I feel tired or bummed out, finding something that makes me laugh almost always makes me feel better. Planning an adventure is like rapid therapy.

Take advantage of the freedom to get out in nature, take a trip, go on a hike or jump out of an airplane – whatever fits you. Challenge yourself by taking on that project you have been putting off forever, or doing that Spartan Run, or signing up for that mission trip overseas. Let yourself be into it, and give it as much attention as you can until you begin to feel excitement. This is your gift to yourself!

Adventure Connects You To Yourself

When we allow ourselves to connect to positive emotions through exciting, fun or exhilarating activities, we can discover (or re-discover) a truer sense of self. The things we want in a future relationship will only exist if we are able to be 100 percent authentic.

Often, our losses act as illuminations to the layers that are covering up our authentic self. In the moment, loss can feel like bankruptcy. On the other side, looking back, we can see that we were someone we never wanted to be anyway. Adventure can help us connect to God, people, emotions and understanding that we would otherwise miss by focusing on loss.

If you feel stuck after loss or a break up, try planning a big adventure. This is an appropriate time to be completely selfish, and completely free.

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